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Kotlin Arraylist

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about kotlin arraylist with the help of examples. It creates a mutablelist implementation which provides a dynamic array size as its backing storage. We can create an arraylist of fixed size if we want. Instead of defining the array size, simply start inserting and removing the elements. Returns a list containing successive accumulation values generated by applying operation from left to right to each element, its index in the original collection and current accumulator value that starts with initial value. Initial r, operation (index int, acc r, t) - r. Kotlin arraylist class is used to create a dynamic array. Which means the size of arraylist class can be increased or decreased according to requirement. Arraylist class provides both read and write functionalities. Kotlin arraylist class follows the sequence of insertion order. Arraylist class is non synchronized and it may contains duplicate elements. The elements of arraylist class are accessed randomly as it works on index basis. Arraylist class is used to create a dynamic array in kotlin. Dynamic array states that we can increase or decrease the size of an array as per requisites. Arraylist may contain duplicates and is non-synchronized in nature. We use arraylist to access the index of the specified element, convert an arraylist into string or another array and many more functionalities. As it turns out, the collections library includes a function for building an arraylist in kotlin directly val list arraylistofint(7, -4, 3) im not totally sure how this method works under the hood, but i imagine it works similar to our brute force solution creating arrays in kotlin. To create an array in kotlin, we use the arrayof () function, and place the values in a comma-separated list inside it val fruits arrayof(apple, mango, banana, orange) optionally we can provide a data type as follows you can add element to arraylist using add() method in kotlin. Add(10) above code will add element 10 to arraylist


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